The Central Core of Catholic Mysticism

The gift of the stigmata, both visible and invisible, was bestowed on those who loved so deeply, that pain was pleasure as long as it was united with the Beloved.
No core or heart of the Church can exist without this depth of devotion, the mystical love of the martyrs.

How deep I would go to find my Beloved outside of all boundaries, plans and codes.
The true Catholic Church will remain only through the heart of the mystic.

In 1652 George Fox climbed atop Pendle Hill. As he looked out over the English landscape he saw within each man, woman and child, the flame of God.
That vision became the basic tenet of Quakerism.

The magnification of that individual flame is the goal of true religion.

That flame, coming from above or out from the center of the heart, from within each cell of every human being, or from within all space, is the flame which ignites the love of the Divine, and calls Divine Love to itself.

Never in the history of this planet have we been outside of Divine Love. It propels us forward to evolution that we can not resist or suppress.

The searching of the joints and marrow is the call of the hour for every man woman and child.
That searching alone will become the foundation of the new Church, the new heaven and the new earth.

Governed by Love alone, let us walk each step in the rebuilding of the temple of God on earth.

Sara Street